Hamlin Reformed Church    
Whats Happening
Friday, April 11, 2014  Moved off the garage and burned the small shed. Pushed down the trees that needed  to be removed.


4-12 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Cut and cleaned up trees, prepared to dig basement.

4-13 Dug the basement.​​
4-19 Setting up basement panels.

4-21 Put foam insulation down and in floor heat.

4-22 Concrete floor went in.​​ 
4-25 Membrane installed around basement walls.​
5-1 & 5-2 Wall in basement, floor trusses and sub floor.​

5-3 House walls go up.
5-5 Main floor wall built.
5-6 Ceiling floor trusses put in.
5-9 Garage panels up.
5-10 Roof panels on.​​​​
5-14 Walls inside
5-15 Garage rafters & sheets
5-16 Overhangs
5-17 Roofed​​​​
5/19-5/24 More walls, stairs built, ridge cap and sheeting on gable end of garage.
5/25-5/31 Finished walls, taping joints and electrical put in.

6/2-6/7 Plumbing, heat ducts and windows.​​
July 7-12 Sheetrock and septic tank and drainfield,
Walls painted, windows stained, tile in bathrooms started. vaulted ceiling covered and garage floor concrete done.
10-20 through 10-25/ Siding put on, windows and doors trimmed, garage doors installed and new ceiling put in.
Cabinets starting to go in, tile grouted and wooden floor installed.