Hamlin Reformed Church
July 15, 2018         Brent Konvalin      Work and Keep                                                      Sermon Audio

​​July 8, 2018           Brent Konvalin     Do You Not Know?                                                Sermon Audio

​​July 1, 2018           Bruce Johnson      The Secret                                                               Sermon Audio

​​June 24, 2018         Burt Rogness       What difference does the Church make                  Sermon Audio

​​June 17, 2018         Brent Konvalin    Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven                           Sermon Audio

​​June 10, 2018         Brent Konvalin     Blessed the Poor in Spirit                                      Sermon Audio

​​June 3, 2018           Justin Wallick       Baptized from Above                                            Sermon Audio

​​May 27, 2018         Justin Wallick      Baptized into the Family                                        Sermon Audio

​​May 20, 2018         Brent Konvalin    Healing of the Leper                                              Sermon Audio

​​May 13, 2018         Brent Konvalin   The Good Shepherd                                                Sermon Audio

​​April 22, 2018        Justin Wallick     Abiding in Jesus                                                      Sermon Audio

​​April 8, 2018          David Niemann   Believing Without Seeing                                      Sermon Audio

​​April 1, 2018           Justin Wallick   The Resurrection of the Body                                  Sermon Audio

​​Marrch 25,2018      Justin Wallick     A Death Fit for a King                                            Sermon Audio

​​March 18, 2018        Brent Konvalin    In The Potter's Hand                                            Sermon Audio

​​March 11, 2018        Brent Konvalin    The True Messiah                                                Sermon Audio

​​March 4 ,2018          Justin Wallick       The Way of Righteousness                                 Sermon Audio

​​Feburary 25, 2015    Justin Wallick    Courageous Leadership                                         Sermon Audio

​​Feburary 18, 2018    Wayne Fischer       Enlarge my Territory                                         Sermon Audio

​​Feburary 11, 2018  Brent Konvalin       Amazed?                                                             Sermon Audio

​​Feburary 4, 2018     Justin Wallick       Loving God's Standard                                         Sermon Audio   
​​January 28, 2018    Justin Wallick        Loving Christ's Bride                                          Sermon Audio

​​January 21, 2018      Justin Wallick       Love God, Love Life                                          Sermon Audio

​​January 14, 2017      Brent Konvalin    Satisfied?                                                             Sermon Audio

​​December 31, 2017   Justin Wallick   The Lord Cares for His Body                                Sermon Audio

​​December 25, 2017   Justin Wallick   Coming in Glory                                                   Sermon Audio

​​December 24, 2017  Justin Wallick  The Creator Comes                                                 Sermon Audio

​​December 24, 2017  Justin Wallick  Pressing On and Persevering in the Lord               Sermon Audio

​​December 2, 2017  Justin Wallick   God's Concern for Your Welfare                             Sermon Audio

​​November 26, 2017   Justin Wallick   Christ-like Love for One Another                        Sermon Audio

​​November 19, 2017    Justin Wallick    Partaking and Participating in the Gospel          Sermon Audio

​​November 12, 2017    Carl Van Voorst    Being a Good Minister of Jesus Christ            Sermon Audio  

​​November 5, 2017  Brent Konvalin        To Live is Christ                                               Sermon Audio

​​October 29, 2017   Justin Wallick  The Spirit Orders Chaos                                            Sermon Audio

​​October 22, 2017   Justin Wallick  God's Faithfulness for His Church                            Sermon Audio

​​October 1, 2017        Justin Wallick    Mission: Accomplished                                        Sermon Audio

​​September 24, 2017  Justin Wallick  God's Faithfulness Through the Storms                 Sermon Audio

​​September 3, 2017  Justin Wallick    Testifying to the Hearing                                        Sermon Audio 

​​August 27, 2017   Justin Wallick   Strength Against the World                                        Sermon Audio

​​August 20, 2017   Justin Wallick   Warfare of the Wicked Against the Way                    Sermon Audio

​​August 13, 2017   Justin Wallick   Confusing the Wicked                                                Sermon Audio 

​​August 6, 2017     Justin Wallick    God's National Blessings                                           Sermon Audio

​​July 30, 2017        Seth Sundstrom     Learning to Walk                                                    Sermon Audio

​​July 23, 2017        Justin Wallick        God's Will be Done                                                Sermon Audio

​​July 16, 2017        Justin Wallick   A Leaders Love for His People                                   Sermon Audio

​​July 9, 2017           Brent Konvalin  A True Church in Strange Land                                Sermon Audio

​​July 2, 2017           Justin Wallick   Disturbances and Confusion from God                      Sermon Audio

​​June 25, 2017        Justin Wallick    As God Wills                                                              Sermon Audio

​​June 18, 2017        Justin Wallick    Responding to Unbelief                                             Sermon Audio

​​June 11, 2017        Brent Konvalin   Living Strangely in a Strange Land                          Sermon Audio

​​June 4, 2017          Justin Wallick    Baptism by Water and Fire                                        Sermon Audio

​​May 28, 2017        Jutin Wallick   God's Law to the Gentiles                                            Sermon Audio

​​May 21, 2017        Craig Pederson     I am the Bread of Life                                            Sermon Audio

​​May 14, 2017        Bert Rogness     Honoring Him as God                                               Sermon Audio

​​May 7, 2017          Justin Wallick   Tribulations into the Kingdom                                   Sermon Audio

​​April 23, 2017       Justin Wallick   Love and Loving By Example                                   Sermon Audio

​​April 16, 2017        Justin Wallick    Just as He Said                                                         Sermon Audio

​​April 9, 2017          Justin Wallick   The King Comes to Triumph                                    Sermon Audio

​​April 2, 2017          Justin Wallick    Jesus' Work Through Us                                          Sermon Audio 

​​March 26, 2017      Justin Wallick    Fix Our Eyes on Jesus                                             Sermon Audio

​​March 19, 2017      Justin Wallick       Comfort and Affliction                                         Sermon Audio

​​March 12, 2017      Justin Wallick        The Mysteries of the Kingdom                            Sermon Audio

​​March 5, 2017        Calvin Ver Mulm  Love Someone No One Else Loves                      Sermon Audio

​​February 26, 2017  Justin Wallick   Christ's Revealed Glory                                            Sermon Audio

​​February 19, 2017  Justin Wallick   The Reality of True Discipleship                              Sermon Audio

​​February 12, 2017  Justin Wallick   Building God's House                                               Sermon Audio

​​February 5, 2017   Justin Wallick    The Eternal Treasure of the Lord                              Sermon Audio

​​January 29, 2017   Justin Wallick    Jesus' Kingdom Law                                                 Sermon Audio

​​January 22, 2017   Justin Wallick    Chrtist's Conquering Kingdom                                  Sermon Audio

​​January 15, 2017    Justin Wallick   Fulfilling All Righteousness                                      Sermon Audio

​​January 8, 2017      Justin Wallick   Jesus: The King of Politics                                        Sermon Audio

​​January 1, 2017       Justin Wallick    The King of the Mountains                                      Sermon Audio

​​December 25, 2016  Justin Wallick  The Birth of the Saviour                                           Sermon Audio

​​December 18, 2016  Justin Wallick  The Taming of the Beasts                                         Sermon Audio

​​December 4, 2016   Justin Wallick   The Messenger Brings the Promise                          Sermon Audio

​​November 27, 2016   Justin Wallick        The Promised Son                                             Sermon Audio

​​November 20, 2016  Wayne Fisher  The Shepherd's Psalm                                                 Sermon Audio

​​November 13, 2016  Justin Wallick The Tenth Commandment: Guarding and Guiding the Heart Sermon

​​November 6, 2016  Justin Wallick Ninth Commandment Murdering with the Tongue      Sermon Audio

​​October 30,2016  Justin Wallick   Semper Reformanda: From Glory to Glory                   Sermon Audio

​​October 23, 2016  Justin Wallick  The Eight Commandment:Faithful Stewardship           Sermon Audio

​​October 16, 2016  Justin Wallick  The Seventh Commandment:Faithfulness to the Covenant  Audio

​​October 9, 2016        Justin Wallick    The Lord Gives and Sustains Life                           Sermon Audio

​​October 2, 2016        Justin Wallick    Submitting to God's Authority                                 Sermon Audio

​​September 25, 2016  Justin Wallick   The Fourth Commandment The Lord of Grace        Sermon Audio

​​September 18, 2016  Justin Wallick   The Third Commandment Honoring the Name        Sermon Audio

​​September 11, 2106  Justin Wallick  The Second Commandment: Worship God His Way  Sermon Audio

​​September 4, 2016   Justin Wallick  No Other Gods                                          Sermon Audio

​​August 28, 2016    Justin Wallick    Faith Like a Child                                      Sermon Audio

​​August 21, 2016    Wayne Fischer   Now is the Hour                                         Sermon Audio 

​​August 14, 2016    Justin Wallick    Our Lord Leads the Way                            Sermon Audio

​​August 7, 2016      Justin Wallick   The Church Discipling Christians               Sermon Audio

​​July 31, 2016         Justin Wallick    The Unclean Adventures of Peter              Sermon Audio

​​July 24, 2016         Justin Wallick    The Death and Resurrection of Paul          Sermon Audio

​​July 17, 2016          Brent Konvalin  The Other Son                                           Sermon Audio

​​July 10, 2016          Justin Wallick  Persecution Spreads the Gospel                  Sermon Audio

​​July 3, 2016            Harlan Moss    A Solid Foundation                                     Sermon Audio

​​June 26, 2016          Justin Wallick  Learning from the Sins of Our Fathers      Sermon Audio

​​June 19, 2016          Justin Wallick  Godly Wisdom in Crisis                            Sermon Audio

​​June 12, 2016          Justin Wallick   Counted Worthy to Suffer                        Sermon Audio

​​June 5, 2016            Justin Wallick   Lying to the Holy Spirit                           Sermon Audio

​​May 29, 2016          Justin Wallick   Boldness with the Word of God               Sermon Audio

​​May 22, 2016          Justin Wallick    Preaching and Receiving the True Gospel  Sermon Audio

​​May 15, 2016          Justin Wallick   Serving the King with Power                   Sermon Audio

​​May 8, 2016            Justin Wallick   The Twelve New Leaders of Israel          Sermon Audio

​​April 24, 2016         JustinWallick     Powerfully Proclaiming to the Nations   Sermon Audio

​​April 17, 2016         Justin Willick       Getting Rid of Sin in the Camp             Sermon Audio

​​April 10, 2016         Seth Sundstrom      Who Will Help                                    Sermon Audio

​​April 3, 2016           Justin Wallick   Resurrected Means of Grace                     Sermon Audio

​​March 27, 2016       Justin Wallick  The Rising and Falling of Many                Sermon Audio

​​March 20, 2016       Justin Wallick   Conflict Between the Temples                  Sermon Audio

​​March 13, 2016       Justin Wallick   Worshiping God Not Money                     Sermon Audio

​​March 6, 2016         Justin Wallick    Do Your Duty                                           Sermon Audio

​​Febuary 28, 2016     Brent Konvalin   Count It All Joy                                       Sermon Audio

​​Febuary 21, 2016     Justin Wallick   God's Purpose for Parables                       Sermon Audio

​​Febuary 14, 2016     Justin Wallick   Repentance Unto Life                               Sermon Audio

​​Febuary 7, 2016       Justin Wallick    Prayer: Believe It and Do It!                    Sermon Audio

​​January 31, 2016      Justin Wallick   Shepherding Sheep Amongst Wolves      Sermon Audio

​​January 24, 2016      Justin Wallick   The Lord's Transfiguration of Glory        Sermon Audio

​​January 17, 2016      Justin Wallick  Rejection of God                                       Sermon Audio

​​January 10, 2016      Justin Wallick  Calling the Fishers of Men                        Sermon Audio

​​January 3, 2016        Justin Wallick  Cleansing for the Forgiveness of Sins       Sermon Audio

​​December 27, 2015  Justin Wallick  God in His Temple                                    Sermon Audio

​​December 20, 2015  Justin Wallick  The Birth of the God-Child                       Sermon Audio

​​December 13, 2015  Justin Wallick  Singing to Our Gracious Lord                   Sermon Audio

​​December 6, 2015   Justin Wallick   The Virgin Mother of Out Lord                 Sermon Audio

​​November 29, 2015  Justin Wallick  The Faithful Waiting of Remnant             Sermon Audio

​​November 22, 2015  Justin Wallick  God's Truth for All People                        Sermon Audio

​​November 15, 2015  Justin Wallick  The Positivity of the Gospel                     Sermon Audio

​​November 8, 2015  Justin Wallick  God's Blessing and Purpose in Suffering     Sermon Audio

​​November 1, 2015  Justin Wallick    God's Warfare                                         Sermon Audio

​​October 25, 2015  Justin Wallick   Submitting in the Spirit                              Sermon Audio

​​October 18, 2015  Justin Wallick  The Light of God's People                           Sermon Audio

​​October 11, 2015  Justin Wallick  The New Walk of God's People                   Sermon Audio

​​October 4,2015     Justin Wallick    The Unity of the Church's Ministry            Sermon Audio

​​September 27, 2015  Justin Wallick   The Mystery of God's  Gospel Riches     Sermon Audio

​​September 20, 2015  Justin Wallick   God Made Two Into One                         Sermon Audio

​​September 13, 2015  Justin Wallick   The Crown Rights of Jesus Christ           Sermon Audio

​​September 6, 2015  Justin Wallick  God's Gifts and Promises                            Sermon Audio

​​August 30, 2015   Justin Wallick  Hearing and Living by the Gospel                 Sermon Audio

​​August 23, 2015  Brent Konvalin  Keep Your Heart                                           Sermon Audio

​​August 16, 2015  Justin Wallick  My Personal Jesus                                          Sermon Audio

​​August 8, 2015  Justin Wallick                                      

​​August 2, 2015  Justin Wallick   A Table for Kings                                           Sermon Audio

​​July 26, 2015   Justin Wallick    

​​July 19, 2015   Justin Wallick    God's Use of Marriage                                     Sermon Audio  

​​July 12, 2015  Justin Wallick      Consecrated Worship                                      Sermon Audio

​​July 5, 2015    Brent Konvalin   Keep your Heart                                               Sermon Audio

​​June 28, 2014  Justin Wallick   Marriage and the Battle of the Seeds                Sermon Audio

​​June 21,2014  Justin Wallick   Through Knife and Fire                                     Sermon Audio

​​June 7, 2015    Justin Wallick   Heavenly Worship                                              Sermon Audio

​​May 31, 2015  Justin Wallick    God Is                                                                Sermon Audio

​​May 24, 2015   Justin Walllick  The Burning Glory of the Bride                        Sermon Audio

​​May 17, 2015   Justin Wallick   Prophetic Privileges                                          Sermon Audio

​​May 3, 2015     Justin Wallick   God's Elementary School                                  Sermon Audio
​April 26, 2015
  Justin Wallick   The Christian Mind

​​April 19, 2015 Justin Wallick  The Responsibility of Discipleship                      Sermon Audio

​​April 12, 2015
 Justin Wallick  The Grace of Discipleship                                   Sermon Audio

​​April 5, 2015
  Justin Wallick   The Way of the King                                           Sermon Audio

​​March 29, 201
5  Justin Wallick  The Glorious and Righteous King

​​March 22, 2015
 Justin Wallick  Christ's Protective Love For His House           Sermon Audio

​​March 15, 2015
 Justin Wallick   Giving All to God                                            Sermon Audio

​​March 8, 2015
  Burt Rogness      Romans 12:1-20                                              Sermon Audio

​​March 1, 2015
  Justin Wallick   The Faithfulness of the House of the Lord       Sermon Audio

​​​​February 22, 2015   Justin Wallick    Leave It or Cling to It                                Sermon Audio

​​February 15, 2015
  Justin Wallick  Christ's Glorious Humiliation Unto Glory   Sermon Audio

​​February 8, 2015
   Justin Wallick   Humble Submission to Humble Leadership  Sermon Audio

​​February 1, 2015
   Justin Wallick    Purifying the Whole Kingdom                Sermon Audio

​​January 25, 2015
   Justin Wallick    Eradicating Wickedness                          Sermon Audio

​​January 18, 2015
  Justin Wallick   Faith Fit for a King                                   Sermon Audio

​​January 11, 2015
 Wayne Fischer   A Spirit of Power, Love and Dscipline    Sermon Audio

​​January 4, 2015
      Justin Wallick      The King's Grace to Gentiles              Sermon Audio

​​December 28, 2014
  Justin Wallick    Cleansing the Daughter                       Sermon Audio

​​December 21,2014
  Justin Wallick   Sowing the Word and the Kingdom     Sermon Audio

​​December 14, 2014
 Justin Wallick   The Kingdom vs. the Strong Man        Sermon Audio

​​December 7, 2014
   Justin Wallick   Eating with the Son of Man                  Sermon Audio

​​November 30, 2014
   Justin Wallick   The Coming King of Action             Sermon Audio

​​November 23, 2014
  Justin Wallick   Life by the Blood                                 Sermon Audio

​​November 16, 2014
 Burt Rogness   Luke 16:19-31                                        Sermon Audio

​​November 9, 2014
  Justin Wallick  Spirit of Love & Spirit of the World      Sermon Audio

​​November 2,2014
 Justin Wallick    A Family Affair                                Sermon Audio

​​October 26, 2014
  Justin Wallick    Antichrists and Antiworld                Sermon Audio

​​October 19, 2014
  Justin Wallick   The Cleansing of the New Creation   Sermon Audio

​​October 12, 2014
 Justin Wallick  God's Sovereignty Over His Plan   Sermon Audio

​​October 5.2014
  Justin Wallick     Repent or Die?                              Sermon Audio

​​September 28, 201
4  Justin Wallick   A Sign of Death and Resurrection Sermon Audio

September 21, 2014   Wayne Fischer  The Breakfast of Champions​   Sermon Audio
Sermon Audio



























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